Pseudohyphae 2021

Pseudohyphae, 2021, Site specific installation/Performance, Gaby Berglund Cárdenas.
Photo/Edit: Bev Hayes

For En-tropy 2021, a collective exhibition created for the GIBCA Extended 2021, Cárdenas created a site specific installation for a new performance (Pseudohyphae) in one of the towers of the rooftop of a 1450’s sugar mill, known today as Sockerbruket in Gothenburg, where the printing collective KKV has its workshops.

In Pseudohyphae, 2021, she shows us the thread previously used in her Hyphae forest performance in 2020, as a symbol for our search for balance and grounding. While performing a 20-minute standing meditation (Zhàn zhuāng 站樁/站桩) learned through years of practice of tai chi, the artist visualizes an imaginary thread pulling the head to the heavens, in order to keep a straight and still position for the twenty minute duration of this meditation form. Her antidote for dislocation, experienced when we are born in one place but live in another.