Lightness, 2020

This series was made for Net Gain exhibition in New York (2020-2021), by invitation of Central Booking NYC Gallery. Cárdenas process involves mindful rituals of repetition and flow, which suggest dichotomies of sacred and profane, East and West, lightness and weight, creating and erasing. Mindfulness is an antidote for uncertainty. Zen teaches us to find the lightness of being “bearable,” and to rejoice in this lightness. The new objects made from transformed materials, cutting and bending recycled copper and altering a sacred book, are a metaphor for ephemerality, transmutation and purification.The bible pages are borrowed from a bigger installation in progress. The artist has striken through each word of the bible with India ink and bamboo brush leaving untouched words such as woman, hunger (hambre), plague (pestilencia),  death (mortandad), earth (tierra) and verses of ruin and devastation on earth (asolados), which are universal subjects that concern us all. The geometric shapes made of used etching copper plates were inspired by Lygia Clark’s Cocoon.