Announcement from the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility about VII Solo Exhibitiom Nov.2016. Read here:


Announcement from the Embassy of Ecuador in Corea about my exhibition opening in conjunction with the Honorary Consulate of Ecuador in Busan, Nov.2016. Read here


Art review from Art Now (Contemporary Art in Pakistan) about Prescriptions exhibition at The Beaney Museum in UK, May 2016. Click here to read article:


Article on the paper about Voyage, Voyage exhibition in Atelierhaus, Aachen (May 2016). Photo below:



Interview with our Curator Jeroen van Paasseen on “10 days of art in Bergen”. Published on Facebook via Stitching White Cube, Oct.2015. Photo below:

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Femma40 of Netherlands talks about “Bergense Kunst10-daagse” (10 days of art in Bergen). Oct.2015. Read extract below or translate full article online here

Extract from the article

Extract from the article

Article on “Feminism Across The Generations” on the Arts & Entertainment section of Oakton Community College’s magazine. Oct.2015. Read page 12.


Article on Chicago’s Daily Herald on “Feminism Across The Generations”, an exhibition I’m part of at Koehnline Museum. Oct. 5th, 2015. Read here

Capture from Daily Herald

Interview in Revista ñ in Spanish. Seoul, May 2015. Full interview here

screen shot

Muine Magazine, Korea talks about my latest series “Journal Pages: On Balance” Ap.2015 pages 445-446:

April 2015

Video on the news of Expo Agenda, Netherlands where Curator Jeroen Van Paassen talks about my installation/book “No Mind” here

Newspaper article on “Voyage, Voyage”, exhibition in Netherlands. Photo below:


10 Magazine, Seoul publishes an online article about my new exhibition here


Singapore Airlines’ Silverkryss Magazine publishes a 12-page-South Korea-Journal entitled “Busan’s Buzz: South Korea’s seaside town of Busan offers an inspiring mix of creativity and calm” and talks about my work on page 71. Oct.2014. Read here

page 70-71

Bracket Magazine, Seoul wrote an article about my work. Sep. 2014. Pages 32-33. Read here


Article in Korean Magazine, June 2014

DSC_0235 (2)

“10 Magazine”, Seoul online about my IV Solo Exhibition, Mar.2014:

Online publishing

KNN channel art news aired their visit to my exhibition solo exhibition “The Mind Will Always Be Free” at Soohohrom. Here starts at min.33:50.

The Culture Trip magazine mentions my relation with Soohohrom in their Guide to Busan’s 10 Must See Contemporary Art Galleries, where the gallery is included.


Artlines Magazine from WCA (Women’s Caucus for Art in USA) featuring “Motherhood”. Feb.2014 here

ARTLINES WCA printed publication on February 2014 page 16.

Busan Haps Magazine’s article on Busan Art Galleries featuring my upcoming IV Solo Exhibition at Soohohrom. Feb.2014, page 14 and 30 Read here


The Women Caucus for Art NYC published a book featuring the story of many American artists (and mine on p.84) expressing our narrative through visual arts. Read online here

STORIES WE TELL cover Published in NYC 2013

Published in NYC

The Daily Herald, Chicago, Illinois about “Bodies by Design” at the Koehnline Museum of Art. Sep.12, 2013. Read here

Niles Herald page 1 of 3

The Chicago Tribune on “Bodies by Design” at the Koehnline Museum. Aug.15, 2013. Read here

Chica tribune headline pic

Press release from the ARTicle Gallery about The Femail Project in Birmingham, UK. Sep.2013. Read here

Press release from Soho20 Chelsea about “Women in Charge” in NYC Apr. 2013. Read here


Interview in Busan Haps about my Solo Exhibition Aug. 16, 2012. Read here

Busan Haps Magazine, issue 20 p.12, 2012 about my exhibition solo exhibition:

Busan Haps magazine talks about the Busan Biennale where I took part in. Sep. 2012. Read here

Sissa Magazine, Korea post about my work during Busan Biennale at Gallery Mare, Autumn 2012:


Noblesse magazine, Korea nr. 4 Busan 2011 featuring my painting “The last sunflower”, exhibited in Lee & Bae Gallery during Embracing Creativity I.

Noblesse Magazine 4, April 2011

Noblesse magazine, Korea nr. 6, Busan 2011 about the annual charity art auction I contributed to.

Gaby featured in Noblesse Magazine 6, June 2011



Busan Haps local magazine interviews me in the wake of my I Solo Exhibition. Read here