2018 ‘Life While You Wait’

Installations made of woodcuts printed on cotton with added hand-stitching and details. An old Japanese printing method learned from a Korean master printer was applied, using the feet, like in a mindful dance. The series was created while embracing uncertainty as an expat artist, exploring the idea of moving from Asia to other continents. The woodblocks were carved while on vacation in Sweden and later printed  in South Korea, where I was living at the time, adding finishing details after the move to Houston in 2017.

Inspiration comes from “I don’t know” and surrendering to these humble words can open a world of possibilities. During the printing process, 

Berglund_Cardenas, THE HOURS

THE HOURS, 13-piece-installation: woodcuts printed on Korean textile and feather, 45 X 43 in./114 x 109 cm. (h x w), 2018


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LIFE WHILE YOU WAIT, Two-piece- installation, limited edition woodcut prints on Korean cotton, hand-stitching, 45 x 35 in/114 x 89 cm(w x h) ea., 2018. Unique version


full view


JOURNAL PAGES III 28-piece-installation, woodcut on Korean cotton, hand-stitching, added applications, 196 x 90 in./497 x 228 cm (w x h), 2015-2018. Unique version.



cropped detail

UNTITLED, 6-piece-cloth-installation, woodcuts, monoprints and etchings cut-outs hand-stitched on Thai cotton, total size 13 x 118 in./33 x 300 cm. Each piece 13 x 39 in/33 x 99 cm., 2016-2017