2020 Hyphae

Hyphae series © Bev Hayes/Gaby Berglund Cárdenas
Director/Performer/Installation: Gaby Berglund Cárdenas
Co-director/Photo/Film/Editing: Bev Hayes

During the Covid19 pandemic, Cárdenas teamed up with Bev Hayes to create Hyphae.

Cárdenas, who has been practicing tai chi and meditation for years, directed and performed a sequence of movements among trees resulting in an elliptical installation: Hyphae, which suggests dichotomies of isolation and connection, visibility and invisibility. 

Hyphae,  is about the elemental uncertainty of time and space. The artists imagine a world where all types of humans and nature forge their duality into a oneness, thereby living in harmony or mutualism. The transformation that happens to the space in the forest during the performance and experience of flow is a metaphor for transmutation and purification. 

Curators may contact the artists to get access to the full video or stills. Click here for a video clip.

A short scene of the video is included in the film Choreography In Time And Space, by Timespecific (at minute 4:55).  Hyphae is also featured at the London Biennale 2020 and will be part of Bristol Artists Books Event 2021 at Arnolfini, UK.