Last exhibition of 2019 and reflections of the year.

I visited Alkmaar, NL (about 25 km north of Amsterdam) to participate in 100% FEMALE at the Grand Church of Alkmaar (Oct.24-27), a breathtaking Gothic building dating back to the 10th century. I must confess it had been a secret dream to exhibit my work at a church due to its architecture, history and aesthetic appeal.

It was a great experience meeting the Curator, Jeroen Van Paassen, with whom I have been working with since 2015, at different venues and countries. It was also amazing to meet many of the 100 participating artists, from all corners of the globe, and to share experiences and perspectives. I had exhibited together with some of the artists throughout the last years, without meeting personally. It was an honor to exhibit together with California based artist Clare Hebert, who was my oil painting teacher more than 10 years ago in Gothenburg.

The international exhibition “100% FEMALE” aimed to correct the stereotypical representation of women. Curator Jeroen Van Paassen, told RODI newspaper reporter “In the past 10 years I have met many female artists during the organization of international exhibitions. I have been impressed by their strength, militancy and creativity. How these women manage to evade the position in which they are forced by their environment is admirable and above all inspiring.” (2019-10-16)

The 4-day-exhibition-program included a fantastic opening party, music, performances and a political debate, organized by Stichting White Cube. There was good local press coverage, a video on YouTube and a Facebook page with multiple albums and statements from the artists.

Upon return to Sweden I got a letter stating I was accepted by Gothenburg University to study Global Gender Studies, which was another dream (goal) of mine. Overall 2019 have been a great year with many changes, moving back to Sweden from USA in July after 10 amazing years in Busan, South Korea and Houston, Texas. Sweden represents now many new challenges but also new opportunities, dreams and journeys. So many things to be grateful for!

100% VROUW (100% FEMALE)
24 – 27 October 2019
Grand or St. Laurens Church Alkmaar, Alkmaar, Netherlands

Freed Formats: Travelling exhibition Connecticut-New York

“At this juncture in our history, the digital revolution has become so fundamental as to prompt the question: what is the purpose of the codex in our time? The artists in Freed Formats argue passionately for its continued relevance: their work maintains an important connection of mind/body/soul in the act of engaging with a book. We are invited to turn, flip, finger, read, peer, wear, crane, smell, delight, ponder, and empathize…. They help us remember: a book is a universe unto itself.” (From the New Havens Independent Newspaper, 2019-07-01)

Freed Formats: the book reconsidered — an exhibition that presents us with a variety of works that challenge all that we may think about books. This is a traveling exhibition of book art by 53 artists,135 works representing 17 states and 2 countries that will be exhibited in six Arts Centers over the next several months.

Curators: Book Artist Chris Perry of Ridgefield, CT and Alice Walsh of Carmel, NY

The Artists

Islam Aly – Cairo, Egypt, Pat Badt – Orefield, Pennsylvania, Alicia Bailey – Aurora, Colorado, Anita Gangi Balkun – West Hartford, Connecticut, Ginger Burrell – Morgan Hill, California, Gaby Cardenas – Katy, Texas/Swedenmore

Media publications: 
At CAW, The Art Is The Word by Brian Slattery, New Haven Independent, July 1, 2019
Group Text ​by Kathy Czepiel, The Daily Nutmeg, June 27, 2019
Traveling Book Arts Exhibit Comes to Mahopac by Bob Dumas, TAPinto, May 24, 2019
Crafting the page: Book art exhibit tours Fairfield County by TinaMarie Craven, Ridgefield Press, March 28, 2019
Viewed any good books lately? by Georgette Gouveia, WAG Magazine, March 2019

Prescriptions XVI, Gaby Berglund Cardenas, 2019

Summer Showcase 2019 at The British Academy, London

After moving to Sweden, I participated in the Summer Showcase in London, a free two-day festival of ideas for curious minds, held from 21-22 June 2019. The British Academy opened up their beautiful building with 15 interactive exhibits alongside pop-up talks, workshops and performances, bringing the best new humanities and social sciences research to life.

Our exhibition featured artists’ books, aiming to transform the way we think about health, wellbeing and illness: “Since the 1980s, a growing number of book artists have used their craft to share stories about health, wellbeing and illness. These artworks give a voice to those living with disability, chronic illness or cancer, while challenging stigma and discrimination. But can they also help medical professionals to better understand their patients? Featuring multi sensory works by contemporary artists, this exhibit explores the vital intersection between art and science. Handle artists’ books, learn about the lives of the makers and craft your own book to take home.”

These two articles by Dr. Stella Bolaki focus on artists’ books, while my work was featured in the first one:

Five mindfulness activities that can improve mental health

How can artists’ books communicate experiences of illness?

Co-exhibitors: Artists Egidija Čiricaitė and Darian Goldin Stahl
Artists’ books by: Sophie Adams, Judith Alder, Penny Alexander, Karen Apps, Gunilla Åsberg, Gaby Berglund Cardenas, Lizzie Brewer, Julie Brixey-Williams, Sally Chinea, Egidija Čiricaitė, Allison Cooke Brown, Amanda Couch, Bernard Fairhurst, Elizabeth Fraser, Sue Hague, Martha A. Hall, Andrew Hladky, Deborah Humm, Gemma Lacey, Pauline Lamont-Fisher, Mindy Lee, Andrew Malone, Richard Nash, Anne Parfitt, Corinne Perry, Stevie Ronnie, Mary Rouncefield, Erin K. Schmidt, Alison Stewart, Randi Annie Strand, Noriko Suzuki-Bosco, Ruchika Wason Singh, Amanda Watson-Will.

Extract from Five mindfulness Activities that can improve mental health, British Academy, 2019-05-31