Made it to THE BIG SHOW at Lawndale


After six months living in Houston I didn’t know what a huge honor it was to be selected for The Big Show, with juror Toby Kamps, former Curator of The Menil Collection and soon-to-be Director and Chief Curator of the Blaffer Art Museum. As usual, I didn’t enter for the competition but because the theme was interesting and it gave me a chance to exhibit one of my scrolls locally.

The scrolls were made in S. Korea and they were initially 3. Today they are over 20 pieces. They are by far the most humble works I have made yet the most important, meaningful and fun. They are part of my own meditation practice by handwriting with ink the words “no mind” repeatedly. This practice remind us of the Japanese Zen monks who in ancient times drew Enso circles of enlightenment with ink as part of their own meditation. The circles, like the handwriting, do not need to be perfect as they reflect the state of mind of the writer at the moment of performance. The dream is to show them together, as the last series of 15 pieces explores the use of mindfulness in the healing process of the mental illness.

Of the 3 initial scrolls mounted on antique wood spools one became part of the permanent collection of Kent University Special Collections and Archives in UK after “Prescriptions” exhibition at The Beany Museum in Canterburry. The other piece is currently in Venice after a recent exhibition at The Scuola Internazionale Di grafica Venezia and will stay there as part of a travelling exhibition of “Scrolls” in Italy.

This year’s organizing Theme
It is a truism that life moves fast and that change is a constant. In the 21st century, rates of change in our ecological, economic, and political lives are accelerating and increasing at breakneck speed. Even consciousness itself is under constant pressure as new technologies transfer images, messages, and memes from the screen to the mind at the speed of light.

Out of 549 submissions, the selected artists in alphabetical order are:

Fariba Abedin
John Adelman
Chris Akin
Ariana Andrei
Daniela Antelo + Elise Weber
Darwin Arevalo
Miguel Ángel Ávila
Lula Azorey
Chris Bakay
Ryan Baptiste
Alex Barber
Clifton Barker
Heather Bause
Francesca Bayegan
Kenneth James Beasley
Chuy Benitez
Gaby Berglund Cárdenas
Mohammad Ali Bhatti
Cousin Babby
Lesley Bodzy
Agnes Bourely
Judy Bovill
Elaine Bradford
Rebecca Braziel
Antonius Bui
Qindeel Butt
Paul Carola
Gregory Michael Carter
Mary H. Case
Lindy Chambers
Chadwick + Spector
Claire Chauvin
Cathy Clark
Joseph Cohen
Shanti Conlan
Rebecca Elise Cook
Charlotte Cosgrove + Suzette Mouchaty
Isabel Cuenca
Andy Dearwater
Arthur Deatly
Adeleenne de Mesa
Heather den Uijl
Kathy Drago
Luisa Duarte
Trey Duvall
Jane Eifler
Karen Eisele
Sharon Engelstein
Danna Espinosa
Laura Feld
Emily Fens
Pilar Figueira
Vincent Fink
Lori Fish
Steve Fisher
Andrew Flanders
Sean Flournoy
Michael Galbreth
Nela Garzón
Wayne Gilbert
Denise Giordano
Matthew C.Glover
Jessica González
Alex Goss
Nell Gottlieb
David P. Gray
Zachary Gresham
Robert Griffin
Tad Griffin
London H.
Rebecca Hackemann
Erik Hagen
London Ham
Laura Hannusch
Lisa Hardaway
Linda Harmes
Ron Winston Hartgrove
JP Hartman
Rachel Hecker
Katy Heinlein
Christopher Henry
Marcos Hernandez
Paul Hester
George Hixson
Ryan Hollaway
Charles Hollingsworth
Martin Holmes
Perry House
Betsy Huete
Ross Hutchinson
Cedric Ingram
Omar Islas
Martín Ivy
Terrell James
Rita João
Lucas Juarez
Bradley Kerl
Iva Kinnaird
Michael Sean Kirby
Padaric Kolander
Daniel Kramer
Jessica Kreutter
Babic Ksenija
Laura Lark
Melinda Laszczynski
Joan Laughlin
Christie Leday
Joyce Lin
Renata Lucia
Sara Madandar
Leslie Magdaleno
Matt Manalo
Traci Matlock
Anna Mavromatis
Ken Mazzu
Randall McCabe
David Mcgee
Patrick McGrath Muniz
Catharine Minois
Verny Sanchez Mitchell
Rahul Mitra
Lorena Morales
Chris Moras
Crystal Murley
Adam Neese
Floyd Newsum
Michael Patrick O’Brien
Adekunle Ogunade
Mari Omori
James Orellana
John Oualline
Lee Alice H. Pablo
Nadia Pacheco
Aaron Parazette
Dune-Micheli Patten
Kristy Peet
Arely Peña
Donna E. Perkins
Cory Perry
Ellen Drew Phillips
Patrick Phipps
Brian Piana
Page Piland
Valerie Powell
Phillip Pyle II
Deanna Ramirez
Ellen H. Ray
Irene Antonia Diane Reece
Gerald-James Rhodes
Brianna Rivas
Ariane Roesch
Alejandro Rosas
Giselle Rosenthal
Susie Rosmarin
David Ruck
Robert Ruello
Caroline Ryan
Christian Sarkar
Rajab Ali Sayed
Beth Secor
Barbara Shaw
Bret Shirley
Tivakorn Sirinopawongsakorn
John Slaby
George Smith
Kaneem Smith
Earl Staley
Rose Stern
Ingrid Tremblay
Juan Ramon Sanchez Torres
Patrick Turk
Katya Vassilyeva
Myke Venable
Dandee Warhol + Marjon F. Aucion
Lillian Warren
Kelly Lee Webeck
Jordan Elizabeth West
Bill Willis
Geoff Winningham
Geraldina Interiano Wise
Martin Wnuk
Joseph Wooten
Amy Beth Wright
Justin Zachary
Bibi Zambrano
Brandon Zech
Jasmine Zelaya
Jo Zider
Damir Zoric