This was published in “Bracket” art magazine today

While I was in Ecuador, writer Whit Altizer, from Bracket magazine from S. Korea contacted me for an interview. It was really interesting and stimulating working with him and this is the result (please read page 32-33). Feeling thankful to Bracket for their interest in my work and for helping spread the information about it:

September 2014 edition of Bracket Magazine, printed in Daegu, S. Korea

September 2014 edition of Bracket Magazine, printed in Daegu, S. Korea

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In ‘2014 Global Gwangju Peace Art Festival’

Everyone is hoping or praying for the world convulsions to end and we all have questions. I’m contributing to 2014 Global Gwangju Peace Art Festival (S. Korea) with my work Freedom of Faith, part of the series ‘The Mind Will Always be Free’ from my last Solo Exhibition in April this year at Soohoh Rom Busan Gallery. If you happen to be in the area, please stop by. I recommended local Artist Simona Soare and she was also chosen for this important event. Happy for that! Thanks to Artist and Curator Hye-Seong Lee for inviting me!

Invitacion a 2014 Global Gwangju Peace Art Festival Ago.23-28

Gaby B. Cardenas, FREEDOM OF FAITH, 43 x 36 cm, mixed media, 2013

Dates: Aug.23-29 (opening reception Aug.23rd)

Gallery Think Box 생각상자

Gwangju Dong-gu Sotae-dong 577-1

Tel: 010-8611-6100


Ecuador, Berlin: reflections/ECUADOR Y BERLIN: REFLEXIONES

Gaby B. Cardenas, Half the sky, 36 x 36 cm, mixed media on handmade paper, 2014

Gaby B. Cardenas, Half the sky, 36 x 36 cm, mixed media on handmade paper, 2014

A Buddhist monk once told me, right before a trip to Ecuador, that nothing brings us closer to who we really are than to visit our roots. This is of course not new. A couple of weeks ago while I was in Guayaquil, Ecuador on vacation, two magazines from Seoul and Singapore contacted me for interviews about my artwork and Busan. They had a short deadline so I did it at the hotel terrace, surrounded by church towers and rooftops of colonial buildings.

I must admit that it felt a bit odd and it was hard to put myself in the right mindset partially because back home I am not a known artist (not that I consider myself famous) but a plain girl loved unconditionally by parents and family, also because the focus of the news at the moment was on the war in Gaza, terrorist crimes and wars of perception, which made me reflect over how little we can contribute to change things through activist art. After reflection, I believe that even that tiny contribution, a grain of sand, has a positive meaning, deserve respect and can make a little difference as opposed to being an observer or living with hatred and prejudice which are negative, unproductive and damaging. As a result I decided to take part in a Global Peace Art Festival coming up soon. About the interviews, we’ll see the result in the next months.

In the meantime the exhibition in Berlin I was part of had its Finissage with a live concert with Tobias Thiele. The party also meant the beginning of a new journey and space concept for the gallery owner who ‘hope that Berlin is ready for new concepts of cultural exchange and wants to rediscover art.’

Here is the full catalog including my piece on page 7: