The Femail Project closed successfully in Birmingham, UK


The Femail Project closed successfully in Birmingham, UK

Click on the image to see pictures of the exhibition in my Facebook page.

It feels great to be so active at the moment, to take part in international exhibitions (Osaka, New York, Birmingham, soon Illinois) and to contribute in shows that highlight exciting themes and issues that matter to me. It’s is not always easy keeping the balance with family but the moment is just perfect and the energy is good. THE FEMAIL PROJECT is definitely one of those exhibitions. Curated by Emma Leppington, it aimed to bring together selected artists from around the world who input to the creation of one large image The ARTicle Gallery hosted this show that explores the theme of Woman and their situation around the globe as seen from the artists different perspectives, countries, cultures and issues. The pieces were sent from all over the world, from Canada, India, NL and Nepal by writers, musicians, filmmakers and visual artists. Again big thanks to the Curator Emma Leppington for her idea and work and for including me in this show.


Click here to see STORIES WE TELL, the online exhibition

Image from the opening day of STORIES WE TELL (Phoenix Gallery, NYC,Sep.4, 2013)

Image from the opening day of STORIES WE TELL (Phoenix Gallery, NYC,Sep.4, 2013)

During the exhibition period (Sep.4-28), the public will be able to see the online exhibit on the link above. This is a great initiative from the Women Caucus for Art and we’re thankful for that. Type “Berglund” to see my work which was chosen for the catalog.


Click here to read STORIES WE TELL art publication, NYC

The Women Caucus for Art sponsored the publication of STORIES WE TELL to complement their current exhibition Sep.4-28 at the Phoenix Gallery in NYC. The book tells my story and the story of several American Artists who express their narratives through the visual arts. It can be purchased through or read online through the link above.

STORIES WE TELL cover Published in NYC 2013

Published in NYC

Happy to be a small part of STORIES WE TELL: opening today in New York

Invitation cover (Sep.4-28 Phoenix Gallery NYC) and detail of my contribution to this show: "Migrating"

Invitation cover (below) and detail of my piece “Migrating”. Click on the image for more pictures on my FB page.

Invitation image

This group exhibition portrays the tradition of visual storytelling through women’s voices. The artworks address our aesthetic, political, or philosophical perspectives. Storytelling is central to human existence, common to every known culture and women are usually the record-keepers and the storytellers of the family. These visual and spoken stories are activist/political, a contemporary interpretation of an ancient myth, and based on personal or family stories. This is art that provokes and inspires.

This is a link to a video of the opening party at the Phoenix Gallery in NYC: